Spetsobyedineniye Group


PPE SuppliersPPE SuppliersSpetsobyedineniye Group is a big trading and manufacturing holding, occupying one of the leading positions in the workplace safety market. The company manufactures and sells safety clothing and personal protective equipment able to withstand severe climate and working conditions.

Spetsobyedineniye Group was founded in 1998 in Barnaul. Currently the holding comprises 5 divisions in Moscow, Barnaul, Novosibirsk, Kemerovo, Krasnodar and 2 factories located in Barnaul.

The holding actively promotes its trademarks, viz.:

  • Knitted workwear gloves «Спец-SB» (“Spets-SB”) that used to be included in the list of the top-100 best products in Russia;
  • Hunting, fishing and active leisure clothing “Sobol”, created specifically for Russian climate conditions;
  • Innovative workwear iForm, a multiple winner of “Protected means healthy” comptetition held as part of the Safety and Labour Protection exhibition (Biot).

Main business partners of Spetsobyedineniye Group:

  • Manipula Specialist, a company manufacturing high-quality hand and arm protection with Kevlar® and Dyneema® Diamond Technology materials.
  • Doctor Style, a brand of fashionable uniforms for medical staff

Spetsobyedineniye Yugo-Zapad Ltd (a Moscow division of Spetsobyedineniye Group) generated RUB 1.986 bln of revenue (excl. VAT) in 2016.

The company’s total revenue in 2016 grew at 37.8%.

Spetsobyedineniye Yugo-Zapad Ltd is the #6 at 30 Biggest Workwear and PPE Companies on the Russian Market

Corporate website: www.spets.ru

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