Technoavia Ltd

Technoavia Ltd, a manufacturing implementation company, is a Russian manufacturer of safety workwear and footwear. It is also a distributor of PPE manufactured by such well-known worldwide companies as 3М, Dupont, Uvex, Ansell и Honeywell.

The company’s manufacturing facilities comprise seven clothing factories and one footwear factory, with a yearly output of 5.5 mln clothing items and 900 thsd safety footwear items. The company’s total number of employees amounts to 3.5 thsd, and the number of affiliates represents 86 divisions in Russia plus its branches in Kazakhstan, UAE and the Czech Republic.

With a total revenue of RUB 11.66 bln in 2016 (+18.2% to that of 2015) it ranks second on the list of the biggest Russian PPE companies, according to Getsiz.ru.

Technoavia Ltd is the #2 at 30 Biggest Workwear and PPE Companies on the Russian Market

Founded in Moscow in 1992, the company still has its front office in Moscow today.

According to Getsiz.ru, Technoavia has given momentum both to the business in general and to its own production capacities. For the time being, it is one of the few companies providing rental options for safety workwear.

Technoavia is the main supplier of uniform and special purpose clothing of Russian airline companies and airports.

One of the new market segments for Technoavia is that of clothing for bank clerks, office workers, service sector employees, and aviation and railway companies’ staff. The trademark registered for these purposes is “Business-class” («Бизнес-класс»).

In 2016 Technoavia became the first – and the only – company to have been granted a license to manufacture footwear with Gore-Tex® membrane.

Corporate website: www.technoavia.ru


Risk Assessment and a Wide Range of Services. Managing Director of Technoavia on Modern Approaches to Ensuring Safety

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