It was a total surprise for us: the winner of the «The Best Innovative Product on the Russian PPE Market-2017» Award

победитель премии Лучший инновационный продукт

The winner of the “Best Innovative Product on the Russian PPE market 2017” award was announced during the SAPE Show which was held in the framework of the All-Russian Occupational Safety and Health Week in Sochi. The Prize was established by Once again we gladly present the winners:

The main prize — the «Star of Innovation» went to “Energocontract” Group for a set of fire fighting clothes (BOP-2).

The prize of the expert council went to “Vostok-Service” for a collection of conductive protection garments, safety footwear and PPE «Epsilon».

The prize of the SAPE Show went to “SpetsComplect” for haemostatic bandage «Hepoglos»
We asked representatives of the companies whose products were among the top three to tell whether they expected such a result.

Victoria Ozeritskaya, Head of Product Development Department, “Energocontract” Group:
It was a surprise for us, though we knew that fire fighters voted for us: the people who used these suits during trial wearing and whose comments we took into consideration while finalizing the garment. It’s very nice that the end users voted and not family members and the like. I also want to mention the manager responsible for this product. This is a very young lady Marina Lobzhanidze. She is so fond of BOP that she personally participated in the tests. She went into the heat and smoke chamber and passed the obstacle course in this suit. This is her reward, and I congratulate her.

Igor Chernov, developer of the conductive set «Epsilon», «Vostok-Service»:
I won’t say that this was expected, but we didn’t exclude the probability. We did a very serious and difficult job. So there was an understanding that it should be rated highly after all. «Epsilon» appeared on the market very timely, since there was simply no such thing for the workers of electric power lines. A suit was developed on assignment of the Ministry of Industry and Trade. From the receipt of the technical requirement to serial production very short time passed if we take into account the complexity of the project. It took us just a bit over one year to finish it. The main components for this suit existed already. Our task was to bring the fabric to the required parameters. We worked really hard to create this product.

Ivan Fedotov, Head of R&D Department, “SpetsComplekt”:
I believed that we would take a good place, but I didn’t think that we would be among the leaders. We had to compete with highly respected companies. They showed very interesting products, very sophisticated both technically and scientifically. It’s nice that even with such competition we managed to rise high enough. «Hepoglos» has already gone on sale. Many customers show interest in it. But first we need to overcome a certain degree of skepticism on the part of the medical profession, the people who put the final signature on the procurement. They are — and this is the right thing for them – conservative. They need proof that it works. We will try to convince them with the help of science. Independent scientific research is being conducted now. I am confident that its results will convince the skeptics of the effectiveness of our product.

Congratulations to the winners, not only to the top three, but also to all who entered the top ten.

Anna Dmitrieva, leading analyst of the PPE market, observer at
2017 showed a breakthrough of Russian PPE manufacturers in the development of new products with wide involvement of R & D. We saw that the leaders of the Russian safety market developed products that were not only able to compete with the best Western models, but also were superior in quality and design. We have finally reached the stage industrial development that will allow us to enter foreign markets and compete properly there. All the finalists of the «Best Innovative Product on the Russian PPE Market 2017» Award are worthy of being represented on the world market and will definitely find their customers not only in Russia but also abroad. We are sure that the next year’s application campaign to the competition for our Award will attract even more participants.

The results of the readers' vote "The Best Innovative Product on the Russian PPE Market-2017"

1Fire fighter’s Suit BOP-2“Energocontract” Group4.74231
2Haemostatic Bandage “Hepoglos”"SpetsComplect" Ltd4.7351
3“Nord Grip” Gloves"Manipula Specialist" Ltd4.71105
4Summer Welding Suit “Prior Next”PV Ltd "Firm Technoavia"4.67166
5Conductive Set “Epsilon” "Vostok-Service-SpetsComplect"4.64369
6Dräger FPS-COM 5000 and 7000 communication deviceDräger4.5867
7Acid and alkali resistant (70%) Boots “Soles”"Tomsk Plant of Rubber Footwear" Ltd4.56120
8Solopol GrittyFOAM Handcleanser Paste"Deb-Stoko" Ltd4.225
9Protective Gloves HexArmor GGT5 Mud Grip"UVEX Spr" Ltd4.0521
10Safety Boots “Everest”“Moderam” 3.8817

The annual competition for branch award «The Best Innovative Product on the Russian PPE Market», established by is held for the second time. PPE, including working garments and safety footwear, personal wearable electronic safety devices, personal IT-solutions in the field of occupational safety and innovative fabrics and materials can compete for the award.According to the results of 2016 vote the winner of the award was safety footwear from Germany: Uvex-2. (In Russia it is represented by St. Petersburg Company Uvex-SPR).

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